9 Tips for Sprucing up Your Home with Accessories

Posted in Accessories, Art, Color, Feng Shui, Interior Design on November 1, 2022

Looking for a pick-me-up in your surroundings? Sometimes all you need is a refresh! Besides finding a few new accessories to change things up, you can also move things around that you already have. It’s amazing how different your space can feel with simple updates. Here are 9 Feng Shui decorating tips with photos to get you inspired to accessorize!

Tip 1: Play with Colors and Shapes

Finding accessories with color combinations that complement your space is an inexpensive way to add new life. Accent pillows are a great example. Use fun shapes and repeat them throughout. And adding an unexpected pop of a different color can be a fun statement.







Tip 2: Group Items

Groupings of odd numbers is an old design trick, and it works. And make sure the items that you group are different sizes and shapes to make them more visually interesting. Now, you can also use just two of the same item but put them in separate spots, like on the two ends of a shelf to complement each other. Using Feng Shui principles, the energy of two items can conjure a partner into your life, if you are looking!





Tip 3: Reflect

Using mirrors in your space will make it appear larger. And think through what you want to see reflected when you look in the mirror. Choose items that uplift you when you take a glance.





Tip 4: Add Art

Artwork and framed photos make for an easy way to brighten a space. And rethink how you display the pieces; leaning them on a table against a wall makes for an interesting display.





Tip 5: Make it Peaceful

Both real and faux flowers and plants, ocean items, wood— these all bring the calm and beauty of nature into your space. Avoid bringing in dried items though, as they are considered dead energy in Feng Shui. Sculptures and peaceful imagery will also add to the zen vibe.







Tip 6: Keep it Minimal

Less is more, according to Feng Shui principles. While some people can handle a lot of knick-knacks and clutter, most people find it distracting. You want your space to be calm and inviting, a place you want to hang out. Don’t try to fill every nook and cranny with items. It’s good for the eye to find spots to “rest” in the home.  And it’s especially important to keep things minimal in an office to foster productivity.






Tip 7: Light it up

Even just adding a funky new lamp or changing out a sconce can add interest to a room.







Tip 8: Bring in the Books

Combine accessories with books. Try stacking a few of your favorite page-turners in new ways, or use the accessories as book ends.





Tip 9: Don’t Forget About Window Treatments, Wall Coverings, and New Hardware

There are so many fun ways to add vibrancy to a room, even by covering just one wall with modern wall coverings, or adding new hardware to a dresser.






Extra Tip: Accessorize with your pets! Just kidding, but how adorable is my cat Mario Luigi in his favorite sitting bowl?







Here are a few photos from a project I just completed for a client, who is a travel agent. We rearranged some of her favorite accessories and shopped at TJ Maxx HomeGoods for a few new items, all of which were inspired by a photo she took on one of her trips (see below). Sometimes that’s all you need to do to feel rejuvenated! Notice some of the little details such as the glass flower I laid at the foot of the horse and how I stack pieces to balance the spaces such as adding a silk plant on top of a candle.













When considering a refresh, only use items that have meaning to you—don’t just shop for trends. It’s best to be surrounded by things that make you happy and have sentimental value, things you have collected over time. And if something no longer speaks to you, pass it along to a secondhand store for someone else to enjoy.

If you are looking for some pro help with accessorizing your space, contact me for a consultation.

Warm regards,

Julie Ann



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