Janis Klecker—Bathroom Project

Posted in on August 25, 2023

“The bathroom remodel really maximizes the space well and changed it for the better.  It’s just beautiful. It’s really nice, because I trust Julie Ann enough, and she knows me well enough that she can present options, and I...

Resident, Nokomis Square Cooperative, Minneapolis

Posted in on June 3, 2023

You know, before we started this art project, my husband and I would open our apartment door and go out into the hall, and it felt like we lived in an institution. And now, with what you have placed...

Nancy Meyer and Matthew Foli

Posted in on November 1, 2022

I have known Julie Ann since 2018, first as a client and then as my husband, Matthew Foli, and I hired her as our Feng Shui Interior Designer in 2022. Over this time, we have also become friends.   ...

Maureen Day

Posted in on January 10, 2022

Working on the 3rd floor’s theme (of the Nokomis Square Cooperative Art Gallery) was probably the most difficult to arrange conceptually. We spent individual time and many group meetings in an attempt to ‘cluster’ sub-themes that would reflect the...

John Sloofman

Posted in on August 17, 2021

What can I say about Julie Segal and Metro Interiors. Well, if she were an athlete, she would be a hands down first round draft pick and a shoe in to make the Hall of Fame. I have known...


Posted in on July 29, 2021

Working with Julie Ann has far exceeded my expectations! I started working with Julie Ann as my new house was being built and she really took the time to get to know me, my tastes, and my budget. She...

Barbro Brost

Posted in on August 7, 2019

It’s very fun to work with Julie Ann. She’s a really positive person and full of great ideas. She’s always attentive and gets things done in a timely manner.

Janis Klecker

Posted in on June 11, 2019

Julie Ann and I have worked together on this house for over 15 years. She knows the feel I want to create. She had the bed and colors picked out, and it looked great.  

Cynthia, Manager of River Pointe Apartments

Posted in on January 29, 2019

Julie Ann does such a great job. She always does. She brought out a lot of choices, which was really nice. She laid out all the samples and we took a look. It was so nice to have lots of...


Posted in on December 4, 2018

I love working with Julie Ann because she listens to my thoughts and comes up with lots of different ideas. We’ve worked together for years. It’s nice to have someone guide you. She listens to what you like and...

Jeannie P.

Posted in on August 10, 2018

Julie Ann did a great job finding art that accented the rooms. She understood my space and my vision. The house feels complete now.

Maureen Day, Design Enhancements Chair, Nokomis Square Senior Living Community

Posted in on October 16, 2017

The art gallery has gotten a great reception here – people are really enjoying it. A lot of folks walk the halls for exercise and they’re very appreciative – they see something new every time they walk past. Our...

Calhoun Place Apartments Committee Member

Posted in on May 22, 2017

Julie Ann was excellent. She was easy to work with, and very informative throughout the process, offering us choices and alternative options. Everything went really well – Julie Ann was accommodating and on top of the details. It’s definitely...

Nancy, KMS Management, Community Manager – Woodland Pointe Apartments

Posted in on January 3, 2017

The new clubhouse space turned out wonderful. We absolutely love it – it’s so bright and cheerful with the colors and the artwork. Julie Ann is super easy to work with. KMS has hired her for many projects. She...