Keys to Positive First Impressions in Commercial Design: Artwork

Posted in Art, Commercial Design, Interior Design on September 15, 2017

Artwork: the SOUL of a space

First impressions of a place are made in seconds. You only have brief moments to wow and entice prospective renters, whether they’re touring the space or looking at photos online. Set your commercial property apart with carefully selected and placed artwork.

Artwork can make all the difference in the way a space feels.


Artwork has a powerful effect on people. It adds personality, vibrancy – it breathes life into a space. Nature-inspired artwork evokes a positive mood can make people feel relaxed.

Must-have areas for Artwork

  • Entries
  • Party Rooms
  • Lounges
  • Hallways
  • Office Areas

Select artwork that coordinates with the color and design scheme of your commercial property. Often, it’s the element that pulls the whole look together, making it attractive and polished. “It’s icing on the cake!” says Interior Designer Julie Ann Segal.

Where to find Artwork?

Interior Designers can be your go-to source for commercial artwork. Besides carrying lines with different styles and price points, at Metro Interiors we’re able to work carefully with you on coordinating colors, sizing and installation. (HINT! This is something we specialize in, and have Art Consultants on staff. Contact us to learn more.)

What if you’re on a Budget?

No need to let the cost of original art scare you away from buying (although some artists’ original works are affordable). Consider decorative art, prints, even posters in quality frames will work.

No need to go looking yourself though – we’ve sourced everything from poster prints, to giclees, to original art, to sculptural art – all in a variety of price points, making it easy for clients to get art in their spaces. We also have resources for custom framing.

Fun Tip!

Did you know? Artwork can be printed on varying mediums – not just canvas or paper! New technology now makes it possible to print on metal, acrylic, bamboo, or other unique materials for something different to add interest to a space.

Make a statement with art, and set your apartment or condo building apart.

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