Palisades Apartments Common Areas

We’ve given the Palisades Apartment Complex brand new common areas for its residents and staff to enjoy. After a total remodel, the party room and office area have been redesigned (these two spaces were flipped, as we described in an earlier post) and the pool area, bathrooms and exercise room also have a new, upscale look.

In the party room, the new carpet with its fun, bold pattern, (also featured in an earlier post) furniture, wallcoverings and fabrics all contribute to a contemporary, fun space. Special attention was placed on the bar area, which makes a statement with its unique textured metal panels – a feature we shared on our facebook page while the design was in progress. That statement is echoed by the etched metal pieces behind the bar.

The new seating area makes an inviting place to linger. All the party room furniture, including barstools and tables, is easy to move, making the space versatile. The fireplace adds warmth and ambiance. It’s conveniently built-in, along with the flat-screen TV above it. Wallcoverings contribute to the comfortable feel in the room, as well as adding protection for the walls.

Contemporary and fun artwork in the pool area coordinates with the other updates in the complex, as does the design of the office reception area.