Feng Shui for Commercial Spaces – 5 Areas That Need Your Attention

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What’s the Feng Shui of Your Space?

Woodland Pointe Apartments Lobby, St. Paul, MN

Whether it’s where you live or where you work, setting up a space that provides support, peace and inspiration is a necessity. By adjusting design and décor based on Feng Shui principles, you can create spaces that both look good, and feel good.

Feng Shui is the art of creating balance and harmony in living and working environments. Originating in China 4000 years ago, it still has relevance today, possibly even more so as we are inundated with stressors and demands every day.

The more spaces lift our energy, the more positive we feel on a daily basis. This translates to the offices we spend our time in five days a week, as well as rental properties we’re looking to add value and attract the right residents to.

So, where to start? Follow the tips below to correct any negative impacts, and enhance the area’s good Feng Shui:

1) Make the Entrance Welcoming

Front doors are important in Feng Shui, because they’re where the chi (energy) enters. Ensure the door is easy to find, with proper signage. This eliminates visitor confusion. You don’t want people to be frustrated before they even come in! Also make sure nothing blocks the door, such as overgrown bushes. Attractive lighting and seasonal decorations draw visitors in.

Multi-housing Property, Minneapolis, MN

2) Wow Them in the Lobby

After the entrance, lobbies are your first chance to make an impression on visitors. A well-designed lobby, with current, attractive décor makes a statement to the public that reflects positively on the entire property. Pull the look together with furniture, color, lighting and accessories to make it enticing, but above all, make them feel at home.

The Calhoun Apartments Lobby, Minneapolis, MN

KMS Management Offices, Minneapolis, MN

3) Keep the Office Orderly

Rental offices filled with clutter create negative feelings – both property managers and visitors will likely feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable there. An unorganized space also indicates chaos within the organization, which turns prospective residents off. Clear out anything unnecessary, and put systems in place to organize the rest. Furniture pieces like cabinets and credenzas provide practical storage behind closed doors.

4) Set up a Lovely Laundry

Laundry areas are often overlooked, but are an absolute necessity to residents. Take some of the chore of laundry away for residents by making the space they visit often warm and pleasant. Allow for natural light if you can, but there aren’t windows, paint the walls light and add art depicting the outdoors. Make sure the floors are in good shape. If the laundry is in the basement, concrete can be painted/stained, and exposed mechanicals can be sprayed off-white to brighten the space. Add counterspace and recycling for convenience.

Greenbrier Condominiums, Minnetonka, MN

5) Add Life to the Space

Plants and flowers not only bring beauty and color into a space, they also represent growth and new life as long as they’re healthy. Take care to replace or remove them when they start to fade. Silk or artificial arrangements are fine when they’re cared for too. Add plants or arrangements to reception areas, entrance and elevator lobbies for an added liveliness.

When your office or commercial property stands apart as cared-for, thoughtfully designed space, you, your residents and business thrive. Feng Shui can make it happen.

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