KMS Management Offices

“Julie understands what we’re looking for. It’s for our own comfort, our own sense of well-being at work.”
– Brian Kelley, KMS Management

When KMS Management needed to relocate their offices, Brian Kelley contacted me to help with the design – it needed some updates, and for some things to be reworked so it would accommodate them. I’ve worked with Brian many times over the course of the past 10 years, to facilitate design on several of their properties, and had also helped them a couple of years ago, redesign their previous office space.

Since we had already laid a lot of the groundwork for choosing colors, furniture and art, Brian needed my help in integrating that look into the new space. Brian noted, “Everybody likes the colors and the overall design has an appropriate feel for our office.”

It’s important for the staff at KMS, Brian told me, to like where they are. To that end, we utilized the color palate from the previous space, and built on that to give a fresh look to the new. The staff was able to choose paint colors for their offices that they liked, and already felt comfortable with. We chose a new color for common areas, a tinted white which has a creamy, soft feel.

Brian and I collaborated on how to integrate the art and furniture we’d chosen for the previous space, and then I provided guidance on new flooring, lighting and wallcoverings. For the flooring, they chose carpet squares, largely due to their durability and the flexibility they offer, which was important to Brian. In the reception area, they installed porcelain tiles. They have a lustrous, metallic look.

Brian chose drum lights to replace track lighting in the reception area. I agree that they have a much softer feel and work better in the space. For the wall covering on the walls and reception desk, we chose a material with texture and warmth.

The look is contemporary, but comfortable. Brian comments, “Julie Ann’s design direction is practical. It’s not so ‘out there’ that it’s not going to work for us.” After making updates and fine-tuning the design, the new office is spacious, flows better, and the employees are very happy.

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