Woodland Pointe Apartments

Before our redesign of Woodland Pointe Apartments common spaces, the party room, pool area, lobby and leasing offices felt dated and needed to be livened up. KMS Management had hired us for the spaces, but over 10 years had passed since we did the design. Times and styles change, things get worn, and after that length of time, spaces no longer feel fresh. It’s important for KMS to keep their properties desirable and enjoyable for residents. To that effect, we made a collaborative effort to bring them new life.

Nothing adds new life like a fresh coat of paint and new artwork. The bright paint colors are lively. New art pieces throughout add punch and personality. Although they complement each other, each piece is different, with something different to say. The art is the soul of the place, bringing unique character.

In keeping with the name, Woodland Pointe, we also made sure to weave that influence of nature throughout the design, which sets a nice tone. We helped pull different elements together to make the redesign feel complete – fun and dynamic furniture pieces, an area rug, accent tables, pendant lighting and accessories all work together for a consistent, fresh design.

“The new clubhouse space turned out wonderful. We absolutely love it – it’s so bright and cheerful with the colors and the artwork. Julie Ann is super easy to work with. KMS has hired her for many projects. She listens, gives her opinion, and then we come to an agreement.”
– Nancy, Community Manager
Woodland Pointe Apartments, KMS Management