Butts Residence, Kylee’s Room

A Sophisticated Space for a Young Adult

In the early part of the summer of 2009, Kylee was approaching 15 and entering high school. She was still using her white “little girl” furniture that she has had since she was a toddler and it was time for a makeover! Not knowing where to begin, Mary (Kylee’s mom) and Kylee contacted Julie Ann to help start them off in the right direction.

Mary let Kylee work with Julie Ann to pick everything out, trusting her taste since Kylee is an artist herself. She has a very sophisticated and eclectic taste, liking contemporary, cooler tones and french country accents. Her eye for artwork was spot on, and she even came up with the idea of using cherry blossoms as an accent!

The clients love it! A gorgeously worded testimonial we received from Mary states: “It has such a classy look and, at the same time, it is warm and inviting. The whole process was so much fun and Julie Ann made it so enjoyable that we could not wait to see the end result which was way better than anything we could have imagined!”

“Julie Ann also helped immensely when choosing the colors for the room and not only picked out colors that complemented one another, but also was so creative when it came to the materials that we used, knowing how the different textures would ‘play’ off one another and helped to achieve the cozy and warm feeling that we wanted to have in the room. And I have not even mentioned how fantastic and beautiful the lighting is! It also has helped to make the room warm and inviting.”