Edinborough Condominium Hallways

Before, these condo common areas were worn and dated. Together with the condo association, we agreed on some colorful and practical changes to update the look and make the entrances and stairwells more appealing for the residents.

The way the walls were previously accented with different colors, the look of the space didn’t seem pulled together. To make the design cohesive, we painted the walls the same color and accented just the doors.

We kept the carpet neutral, and balanced that out by putting the color on the walls – a warm, soothing tone. The doors are accented with a rich brown. In addition, we had the railings painted a bronze color, which helps soften the space in a big way.

The carpet does have some liveliness in its pattern, which adds interest to the floors, while everything else is kept simple. New light fixtures also have a streamlined look.

Just by changing these few things, the condos have new common spaces that make coming and going a more pleasant experience.