River Pointe Apartments Party Room

Are you looking for a common room refresh at your apartment building? Recently, I renovated the party room at the River Pointe Apartments in Fridley, MN to give it a little life.

My main goal was to lighten up the room and give it a clean look. The grassy carpet and the texture in the material on the bar give the room an organic feel. The grayish/brown tone of the cabinets is very trendy right now.

When I am designing a space, I try to find balance, like the yin and yang Chinese philosophy. Yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine. Curves and straight lines in the same space is very balancing. For example, the soft curve of the couch represents yin, and the angular carpet squares represent yang. They balance each other out, just like the bold colors and patterns (yang) in the room balances the darker colors (yin).

Cynthia, the manager of River Pointe, was really happy with the look. “Julie Ann does such a great job. She always does. She brought out a lot of choices, which was really nice. She laid out all the samples and we took a look. It was so nice to have lots of options to look at. And her furniture suggestions were good.”

I was happy to bring life to the party room! If you like what you see, Contact us for a consultation.