Kenna Residence

Mary Kenna first called Julie Ann looking for a mirror to accentuate her bedroom. As they got to talking, Mary expressed her desire to transform her den into a cozy space to “kick back and relax!” In Mary’s own words, “I had so much fun working with Julie Ann, I just wanted to keep on going. Before I knew it, I was having her re-do the whole den!”

Anyone can go buy a sofa or a chair for their home, but it takes a special eye to see the full potential of any given space. Working with an interior designer like Julie Ann, can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Julie Ann’s intuitive creativity and foresight can transform any space into a showcase, or in Mary’s case, an intimate, cozy den. Her expertise and resources enable her to utilize an array of materials and fabrics, bringing warmth and charm to any room in the home.

Take for instance, something as basic as a window treatment. The use of shapes and materials for a custom-made valance set the tone for Mary’s den. Imagine rich, beautiful fabric dangling with whimsical gems. Now THAT’S a window treatment! In the same room, faux finish walls exude warmth and movement. Finally, adding accessories of beauty and personal meaning nearly completed the room. One last touch: an energetic Feng Shui statement to call in romance into the life of her client, Mary. Julie Ann accomplishes this by placing pairs of objects such as pairs of birds. “It’s important that my clients can look at the final outcome and say, ‘this is really me!’ ” stated Julie Ann.