Garfield Apartment Hallways

With the Garfield apartment hallway redesign, we achieved a more sophisticated design for this building in a trendy area. The building is one managed by KMS Management, a property management company which we’ve worked with for the redesign of numerous other buildings, for the last 8 years. They’re a great company to work for, and their properties are great ones to live in – they put a lot of thought into taking care of their buildings.

Before, this smaller-scale building definitely needed work. It was dim, dated and the finishes were worn. The dark faux-finish wall paneling was removed. Now wainscoting and trim add architectural detail. The walls, trim and stair railings were painted for a uniform, clean finish. Doors were painted a deeper color. This not only makes a design statement, but attracts good fortune to them according to feng shui principles. Uniting the space now are soft green, light cream and brownish paint colors coordinated with a fun, contemporary graphic-design carpet. The design is more soothing, and even with the carpet pattern detail it has an overall calm feel.

Specific attention was paid to disguising the radiators, which formerly stuck out against the dark paneling. They now blend in with the walls. Also, lighting was upgraded with more wattage, which is necessary to light and open up the space to make it feel good.

KMS now has apartment units to rent in a building that’s more desirable, with an updated atmosphere, and tenants can enjoy the upscale living space.