Lightened Up Living Room

After redesigning her office to make it feel more spacious, our client Marybeth and her husband asked us to also redesign their living room. The room felt heavy. It wasn’t an inviting space for the couple to relax in, or suitable for the entertaining they wanted to do.

The red color of the walls was too much, especially combined with the bulky furniture pieces. It didn’t feel like a space they could relax in.

The changes we made were modest, but powerful. The space feels much lighter, and you can move around easily, which both benefits the couple and sets things up nicely for having company.

The paint color we chose made a big statement in lifting the heavy feel. A mirror was also added to open up the space. Changing the furniture and arrangement also played a bit part in lightening things up.

To complement the homeowners’ design taste, we kept an Asian feel without going overboard. To personalize the space we found them a special piece of art to go above the fireplace. We also added custom window treatments to the windows, which work in harmony with the design.

We absolutely love the new living room! It’s amazing what a change in color can do. It is now a much brighter room that appears to have almost doubled in size, yet actually has more furniture than before. We finally feel like the space is being used appropriately, and we have even more room.

The original painting Julie Ann found for us is fabulous and was reasonable, which helped immensely!

Julie Ann and her team are so easy to work with, and really seem to get a feel for you and what you like and dislike, unlike other decorators I’ve worked with that just seem to want to sell you what they think will look good –not what you feel will look good and be comfortable with. I highly recommend the Metro Interiors team.
– Marybeth