Tranquil Bedroom

Before, this bedroom felt heavy, dark and unbalanced. It needed to be lightened up, and careful attention paid to scale and cohesiveness. With a new design based in Feng Shui intentions, it’s now a tranquil space for our clients.

The soft green paint color creates a backdrop of softness, and the bedroom is layered with luxurious elements like taupe-y cream colored custom bedding and subtle metallic accents.

Windows formerly covered only with wood blinds are now stunning with an expansive full wall of a beautifully textured sheer curtain panel. It allows light to filter in, and doesn’t hinder the view to the beauty of the backyard.

A glass headboard with a wood frame works in the same way, not too high to block the view and with a clear view through it. The bed is placed at an angle, which is a good Feng Shui direction for both partners, and the addition of the headboard provides a sense of support.

The standing lamp was removed from behind the bed, creating less of an obstruction. Two new mercury glass lamps with taupe shades are more substantial replacements to previous bedside lamps, and their elegant design works well with new nightstands. Before, the rectangular-shaped nightstands did not feel right. The new soft metallic ones allow for more flow and energy circulation in the space, with their round shapes.

A mirror was hung on the wall where the room has a missing piece of the Feng Shui bagua, making a correction for the space to be whole. To add energy to support the couple’s partnership, we also found special artwork depicting a couple to grace the room.

With all design decisions, we aimed to create a balance of the 5 Chinese Elements and a harmonious feel. The bedroom feels fresh, softer and more peaceful.

Julie Ann is a dear. We originally hired her to do a Feng Shui consultation, and the bedroom was where we started making changes. We love it now. Before, it had dark paint which we never liked much, so it was good to lighten it up. The custom bedding is really nice. We made some Feng Shui changes specifically for Partnership, including adding artwork of a couple. My husband and I are getting along well. It’s a more tranquil space for both of us, and that’s helped our relationship.

The whole house got a spruce after the bedroom. Julie Ann helped us pick out paint colors and we have had several other rooms painted. It feels freshened up. The whole process was fun.
Julie Ann is great to work with – lots of ideas and very creative.

– Jill