Nealon Basement

I was approached by John Nealon who was looking for a transformation of his under used basement. With a daughter who was just entering her teens, he wanted a place that she (and her friends) would be comfortable spending time with, so he left the design decisions all up to her!

When I first got started on this project with Sarah, she said she wanted a space that would be great for her to hang out, friends, sleep overs, games and maybe even a pool table. She was inspired by the color purple, so I used a muted purple on the wall, as well as the sofa, breaking up the color and adding a touch of sophistication by lining the room with a creamy white bead board. We worked together to find the perfect accents for this room. I have to say, for being only 13 years old Sarah has great taste! She even picked out the fabric for the bar stools, which dad rose his eyebrow at, but they ended up being the perfect piece to tie the room together.

We had a console table custom painted to flow with the contemporary art work and pillows, added the pool table they were hoping for, and even managed to fit a beverage counter in an un-used corner. All in all, this project was a complete success. Sarah loves it, saying “Its amazing! I love it! Its turned out so much better than I could have even imagined!”