Laguna Beach Condo Laundry

While the laundry area in this Laguna Beach condo wasn’t terrible before, it did lack functionality, and the design didn’t coordinate with the changes we’ve made in the rest of the space.

The previous appliances were not large enough, or efficient, so we replaced them with stackable units. Enclosing the space around them, we added a bi-fold door for easy access. A pocket door was considered, but would have been more time consuming and costly to install. The bi-fold door is practical, simple, and its finish matches the rest of the doors and trim we’ve replaced throughout the unit.

Alongside the washer and dryer, cabinetry with deep drawers was installed for storage. There’s plenty of space for laundry detergent, beach towels, and other useful household items. For the finish, we chose a color one shade lighter than the walls to flow with the rest of the space, but added bronze undertones for a distressed look that sets them apart. Traditional nickel drawer pulls complement, with a timeless touch. Their size and shape makes the drawers easy to pull out. The countertop was replaced, but with the same black granite as before, in keeping with the other surfaces in the condo.

Going down the hall to the laundry feels much better now – it’s a lighter and more elegant, pleasant place to get things done.